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We have been engaged in education since 2008

I have started teaching in the Faculty of Architecture since 1377, which has continued in different ways and levels during these years, until in 2018, we decided to create an experimental educational environment with a humanistic approach for children aged 3 to 15 years. In this method, a program is prepared for each child according to his individual characteristics.
The understanding of children's talents and creativity is done by the coach, facilitator, family and the child himself, who brought the development of his talents from different methods directly and indirectly, such as face-to-face courses, online, packages and workshops for children.

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In the path of your child's growth, Archchild Group advises you in the field of creativity, innovation, conscious dealing with the child and parent, types of education and difficulties in front of you to overcome them.
Children experience and learn communication with themselves and others, they also face and move with issues such as choosing, finding opportunities, taking steps, presenting, talking, listening, etc.
In these stages, we teach them architecture with various methods suitable for your child and inform you about your child's teachings according to your personality type. Contact us to get started.

You have us on your side​​​​​​​

Archild's goal is to prepare children for tomorrow.

Archild's goal is to prepare children for tomorrow
​​​​​Das Ziel von Archild ist es, Kinder auf morgen vorzubereiten
L'objectif d'Archild est de préparer les enfants pour demain
Archild стремится подготовить детей к завтрашнему дню
Archild має на меті підготувати дітей до завтрашнього дня
​​​​​​​Archild'in amacı çocukları yarınlara hazırlamaktır




40 $

Basics of architecture

In this course, in order to familiarize children with the basic concepts, two sessions are held consecutively in face-to-face courses.​​​​​​​

8 sessions of 45 minutes
Attendance in 4 days
Online in 8 days

Prerequisite Courses

To choose a course, you can first use a free consultation. According to the information we receive from your child, as well as the path he has taken, a suitable course will be suggested.


40 $

Structure and space

The types of structures and static principles are known and the point that is in all courses is different depending on the age and understanding of the child.

8 sessions of 45 minutes
Attendance in 4 days
Online in 8 days


30 $

Texture and volume

Recycled materials are used to familiarize children with the concepts of texture and volume, and children are introduced to recycling and reuse.

6 sessions of 45 minutes
Attendance in 3 days
Online in 6 days


20 $



Relationships, hierarchies, and circulation are the topics that are presented, and children and teenagers get to know the topics of other courses depending on their needs.

8 sessions of 45 minutes
Attendance in 4 days
Online in 8 days

Archild's special course

Course of 8 45-minute sessions

The course is defined according to the ability and needs of the child


Kian course


Archild Headlines

In this section, the main topics of Archchild series courses are presented. These cases will be presented in the form of courses, seminars, workshops and packages.

         8           6            4         12-15     9-12        6-9        3-5 

Number of sessions                             age group

Movement Game
Basic concepts
Main concepts
Point line surface and volume
سلول فضایی
Knowing the building
Knowing different spaces
Residential spaces
Architecture & structure
Lego and problem solving
perception Plan drawings
Layout in architecture
Architecture and graphics
Architecture and music
Architecture and materials
Spatial relations
The basics of drawing
Texture and color

We will design a course and workshop for you according to the facilities, educational space, number of children and teenagers

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Archild's relationship with kindergartens, schools, and playhouses


Founder and coach of Archild

​Mahyar jeihooni

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Archchild's courses have made me and my two children have a better relationship, and both of my children have become more familiar with their abilities and desires. On the other hand, they have gained self-esteem, responsibility, the ability to choose, accepting the differences between themselves and others, understanding the opportunity and losing it, the value of taking a step, the ability to deal with failure and hear no, etc.
Socially, they have experienced and acquired proper communication with others at different ages.

Start developing the creativity muscle in your children from the age of three

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