Parents should do the MBTI test about themselves, if you need click the link and send the result to or Telegram
Then mothers should preferably complete the participant information form
️️️️️️️️️️Now you need to select the desired course and pay
It is possible to pay under each course, after registration, there is a 30-minute online conversation for mother or father advice, which can be coordinated with you before entering the courses. This consultation is free and for the first round of entry
If you have two children, you can use the discount for two children
If you refer someone, please use the five percent discount, to receive a discount code, send the name of the person you referred to so that the discount code will be announced for both of you, this discount code will be for you and for Your friend can be used in this course.

If you need to pay in installments, you can pay 50% at the time of registration and 50% by the end of the second session. Free payment link

After paying again, send the payment information to Telegram

If you have any questions, call 091 20 25 7500 and if you want to participate in the introduction and question and answer session, click on the link.

How to register

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بازگشت به بخش ورود

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تغییر کلمه عبور

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